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The Hot Topic of conversation on the radio this morning was:

“Should You Spank or Whip A Child?”

My analysis of spanking and whipping are different.

In my days of growing up I did not receive spankings, which to me is a pop on the hands or legs.

I received whippings, which consisted of a switch ( a limb from a tree that was very thin and would make a whistle sound when it would strike you), extension cord, a belt with a buckle, or any object my mom would see. I loved my parents and I know they  raised us based on how  they where raised. No, it’s not right but people emulate what they know. The whippings I received today would definitely be considered child abuse. I have always believed that form of discipline was bad, but for me that was my life.

Whippings in my opinion came from slavery. The generations born into slavery past it down through the years. The Master would whip the slave into submission. So, my forefathers passed it down, because that was all they knew and thought this was the way to discipline their children into submission. This is my analysis of a whipping.

Now that I have children of my own I did spank, but I soon learned what worked for my children was they had to experience for themselves. I can say don’t run you will fall and hurt yourself,  but until they fell and hurt their knee they would never realize the consequences of running.

I know there will be someone that don’t agree, but yelling at the top of your lungs does not change the thoughts of a child. Reason being, is they will stop for a moment and the next second they are back at what they were previously doing.

I know this is a touchy topic and some believe the biblical scripture “spare the rod, spoil the child”. I don’t  believe it means to abuse the child. All children are different, some are easier to train than others. As parents we do what works for us, but I say consider the outcome when it comes to whippings.  Selah!

I really would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

The Avid Reader

I am an “Avid” reader and even though the e-readers are high in demand, I still love the idea of holding an actual book in my hand. With my  love for reading, I have always wanted to design bookmarks. I did not just want to make the regular card stock style and I recently had an “A-Ha” moment. I wanted to make bookmarks with a different twist. With some inspiration from my daughter-in-law I made a few just to share.Check out some of my designs.

Football with name, Purple Flower with design, Orange Flower with love.

photo 1

 Bedazzled with purple center

 photo 4




On this journey of life there are challenges along the way, but the Creator has given us all the ability through his grace to overcome every obstacle we face. It is up to each of us to accept the path he has chosen for us individually.

Only the creator knows your purpose and destiny. I have learned over the past few years that you can not let man dictate your life. My experience people have stated you should do this or that, but that was not what I was drawn to. Therefore, if you don’t feel it more than likely it is not your path.

We all “do not” have the same purpose in life, but I do believe we have similar purposes. We all need somebody , yes we are all different whether personality, or shades our common bond is we are all “human”. We are made for each other.

So while you pursue your purpose on this journey learn the lesson from each challenge and continue to move forward. Every situation there is a lesson to be learned. Keep your eyes on whatever you deem your prize.


The Master of Originality

One thing I am positive about is that we all were created with an inner ability to create. You have to discover what has been imparted into your spirit and manifest that gift into the natural realm.

This is my belief: God the creator of the universe (which includes me and you) has given us all the ability to gain wealth. The issue with this truth is everyone will not use that ability.

I do believe stealing is not a gift, though some may argue the statement. We all have creative ideas and some ideas may be similar, but there will be something different about each because we are all different. If I make cupcakes and my friend does as well, to me that is not stealing or not being original. My recipe would differ in some way I can use butter milk and he can use condense milk. It is all in the ingredients that make each product different.

There is no room for jealousy either, because there are enough people on planet earth to make each of our business thrive. Meaning what is for me is for me we both will attract the clients meant for us.

So there is no need to take another persons recipes or quotes and make them yours. Just take the time to meditate and discover your own God-given abilities, creativity or talents.

Bottomline: Seek The Master Creator of originality to tap into you own “unique” gifting.