A friend and I were converting one afternoon. The subject arose concerning the difference between a career and a job.

Now my definitions:

 A career is a field of study you strive in and it’s the source of your passion. A job you just do whether you like it or not.

I’m sure there are thousands of people everyday get up in the morning going into the work force just abiding time. And some because they feel it’s better than nothing. Often time some get stuck because they have no drive to move forward.

I believe in change and I think you should pursue your hearts desire where work is concerned. She believes that you shouldn’t move from a job, because if the universe wants you to move it will tell you. The reason I disagree is, if you never strive to do something different you will continue to get the same results. How can you receive if you don’t apply yourself.

Her remark reminds me of my distinguishing the differences between the Rich, Middle and Poor social statues…..

The Rich take risk; The Middle are scared to move forward for fear of failure; The Poor have no drive and rather live off the fruit of the land without applying themselves.

As for following your dream career some feel that the economy is bad, there are no jobs, they hate to start over just to name a few “excuses”. And that is just what they are excuses, the fear of change.

To succeed in life you have to take chances. If not, you will become stagnant and never experience the joy that change will bring. My mom used to tell me “it’s better to fail, than to never try”.

It’s time to take life by the horns and move forward (if you desire) to achieve your deepest dreams.

The choice is yours to jump into  the ocean, which has more opportunities and possibilities beyond what your eyes can see or you can choose to stay in the pond and never flow beyond your present circumstances.

Change is good embrace it and watch the opportunities unfold.



So often we wait for man to affirm us, but the truth of the matter is you are “already affirmed. You were affirmed when you were created.

The definition of affirm is: to maintain as true.

We sometimes walk through life’s journey waiting for that one defining moment. Wondering when will I be noticed and do I matter. You most certainly do!

Everyone will have their chance in life to be seen and discovered. We all have an appointed time and a purpose before leaving this earth. It’s up to us to tap into the divine order of our existence.

You have to stand firm and know no matter how long it takes, your door or window of opportunity will be opened unto you.

You choose the path to take on this journey, and yes there maybe road blocks ahead, keep moving. Rest a sure, even a detour will lead you to your destination (sometimes quicker).

I stand strong on my belief that life is what you make it. No one can prevent you from becoming who you want to be except you. You hold the key.

I leave you with this thought: ” If you are your own worst enemy, begin today being your #1 Best Friend. Selah!