So often we wait for man to affirm us, but the truth of the matter is you are “already affirmed. You were affirmed when you were created.

The definition of affirm is: to maintain as true.

We sometimes walk through life’s journey waiting for that one defining moment. Wondering when will I be noticed and do I matter. You most certainly do!

Everyone will have their chance in life to be seen and discovered. We all have an appointed time and a purpose before leaving this earth. It’s up to us to tap into the divine order of our existence.

You have to stand firm and know no matter how long it takes, your door or window of opportunity will be opened unto you.

You choose the path to take on this journey, and yes there maybe road blocks ahead, keep moving. Rest a sure, even a detour will lead you to your destination (sometimes quicker).

I stand strong on my belief that life is what you make it. No one can prevent you from becoming who you want to be except you. You hold the key.

I leave you with this thought: ” If you are your own worst enemy, begin today being your #1 Best Friend. Selah!


4 thoughts on “I AM AFFIRMED

  1. I think that’s the issue with a lot of people. Most of the time it’s what you are taught and it becomes your belief that you can’t become what you dream.

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