I have been pondering the thought of a conversation a friend and I had. As I stated in an earlier blog I wrote, they felt that no matter the event if  anything is meant for you The Universe will make it happen.

My take on that is how can The Universe make anything happen without you applying  an action.

I know we all grow up with different beliefs and as we grow older sometimes our beliefs change. Not to say their belief is wrong, nor am I saying mine is right. But I do challenge you to think about this response.

I believe that The Universe only respond to your thoughts and you have to desire a thing in order for something to be manifested.

You have to believe in order to receive. The Universe won’t allow change unless you want change. Change is just not going to appear out of thin air and slap you in the face and say it’s time to move forward.

Here is my illustration of  The Universe: I want to win the lottery ( according to statistics) my chances of winning are slim, but I have a better chance of winning than someone who has not purchased a ticket.

Please I welcome feedback.

I would love to read your thoughts on this matter.


3 thoughts on “OCEAN vs POND

  1. I think you’ll get vastly different responses based on the faith of whoever reads this. Most people grounded in their particular religion won’t even know how to respond without coming off offensively.

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