Get the Heck Out!

Sometimes when I write I’m usually speaking from experience or going through a little rough path in life.

So yesterday and today I started out complaining about a certain situation and I came across some notes in my journal.

complaining to me means you have a reference point for something better that you would prefer but you are unwilling to take the risk of creating.

Jack Canfield

The circumstances you complain about are situations you can change, but you have chosen not to.

If you find yourself in a situation you don’t like either work at it to make it better or get the heck out. Also don’t listen to the negative words that some may send your way for example: “Your too old”; There are no jobs available; and I love this one “you may not make what you’re making now”…LOL! you dang Skippy! I’m positive I’ll start out with more than what I’m making considering I haven’t received a raise and it’s been five years.

So today I have to take my own advice. I have been complaining about my present job for the past five years and I have decided to stop complaining and do something. I have my plan in motion and have set my deadline…………….I am getting the heck out!

A New Year comes with New Beginnings.



4 thoughts on “Get the Heck Out!

    • Thanks so much.

      First I have stopped complaining. Secondly I am applying for jobs, but until the right opportunity is presented in the meantime, I have taken a step back into my past. I use to make bath and body products and I received a message through facebook from some old clients. So I made a few batches of Cocoa Butter Cream and Shea Souffle (which were my most popular items). I’m staying focused and I’ll see where this will lead me. So far the orders have exceeded what I make in a month from my present job. So, even though it’s the holiday season when I get my new job I still may continue this project on the sidelines.

  1. Stay positive and I know things will transend. I was also reading the comment you posted. Sometimes things come back to our memory for a reason. I know you will succeed. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the encouraging words.

      I have tried several projects and I’m trying to find the niche. My son tells me to pick one and stick with it to see where it will lead you. So through my transition I pray I find my niche.

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