Thought for Today:

A friend emailed me this quote today. It is true.

” The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” 

-Steve Jobs





Death is inevitable we all will experience. It is a part of life’s journey through culmination of events we all will make it to that final destination. We hear of death everyday, but when it hits close to home the reality of it sits in. You just don’t think about it.

A dear friend of mine passed away over the weekend. I’m double hurt because they called me two weeks ago and I had yet to return the call. I would always say: ” when I finish what I’m doing I’ll call” with so many distractions I never got a chance too.

He and his wife was and still is a great friend. They encouraged me, feed me when I was hungry, gave sound advise when needed, and most importantly they were there when I needed them and didn’t need them.

My message today, take time out to embrace life moments. Once gone you can never redo. Life is short and we know death is inevitable. No one knows his or her appointed time, but we know we will evenly reach that destination.

Let go of past hurts and issues with our loved ones, because I’m sure nothing that has already been done can  be changed. Enjoy every moment of life, family and friends one day we all will experience our final destination on earth.

I end with my advise for today and everyday:


Seize the Opportunity

Surfing the television stations today and I saw a commercial of a campaign ad concerning the unemployment rate.

This is my opinion and analysis on the matter. There are jobs available. I believe their where a lot of people who lost high paying salary jobs.

Since most companies never thought about rainy days, there budgets where high and some over spent. So when Wall Street (the heart of our financial institutes) shook the shift trickled down to the companies. Therefore, causing layoffs. Don’t get me wrong, some companies stayed above water and survived even in the hard times. There are even some companies that did not skip a beat from the downward spiral and are still prospering as I write (good management).

I am positive there are many jobs available, the issue is salaries the companies are now offering. My reason for saying that is I have seen many ads on a daily basis of job openings.

A friend of mine lost their eighty thousand a year job. They have been unemployed now for two years and unemployment benefits are about to be exhausted. There have been two job offers, both are under what they previously earned. And to my surprise they turned down both offers. Why? The response was they felt they would be settling and they knew they were worth more. That maybe true, but my thought was unemployment benefits does not match your earned salary. Therefore, the offer of fifty-two thousand a year still would be better than what you are receiving in benefits.

Bottomline: The market is filled with jobs. It is just the individual not wanting to settle for less and the company not wanting to offer what they previously offered. I leave you with my infallible quote: ” A few dollars are better than zero dollars”. Selah!


I have been pondering the thought of a conversation a friend and I had. As I stated in an earlier blog I wrote, they felt that no matter the event if  anything is meant for you The Universe will make it happen.

My take on that is how can The Universe make anything happen without you applying  an action.

I know we all grow up with different beliefs and as we grow older sometimes our beliefs change. Not to say their belief is wrong, nor am I saying mine is right. But I do challenge you to think about this response.

I believe that The Universe only respond to your thoughts and you have to desire a thing in order for something to be manifested.

You have to believe in order to receive. The Universe won’t allow change unless you want change. Change is just not going to appear out of thin air and slap you in the face and say it’s time to move forward.

Here is my illustration of  The Universe: I want to win the lottery ( according to statistics) my chances of winning are slim, but I have a better chance of winning than someone who has not purchased a ticket.

Please I welcome feedback.

I would love to read your thoughts on this matter.