The Avid Reader

I am an “Avid” reader and even though the e-readers are high in demand, I still love the idea of holding an actual book in my hand. With my  love for reading, I have always wanted to design bookmarks. I did not just want to make the regular card stock style and I recently had an “A-Ha” moment. I wanted to make bookmarks with a different twist. With some inspiration from my daughter-in-law I made a few just to share.Check out some of my designs.

Football with name, Purple Flower with design, Orange Flower with love.

photo 1

 Bedazzled with purple center

 photo 4




7 thoughts on “The Avid Reader

  1. Great post! I think those are excellent bookmarks. Are you interested in selling are just making them for your loved ones?

  2. I am truly interested. That was my thought exactly, especially for the little ones in my family. I will send you an email for my order. Thanks!

  3. Good post Coretta! Would you do some with different names? If so, I really would love to purchase a couple of the Ballerina bookmarks.

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