The Hot Topic of conversation on the radio this morning was:

“Should You Spank or Whip A Child?”

My analysis of spanking and whipping are different.

In my days of growing up I did not receive spankings, which to me is a pop on the hands or legs.

I received whippings, which consisted of a switch ( a limb from a tree that was very thin and would make a whistle sound when it would strike you), extension cord, a belt with a buckle, or any object my mom would see. I loved my parents and I know they  raised us based on how  they where raised. No, it’s not right but people emulate what they know. The whippings I received today would definitely be considered child abuse. I have always believed that form of discipline was bad, but for me that was my life.

Whippings in my opinion came from slavery. The generations born into slavery past it down through the years. The Master would whip the slave into submission. So, my forefathers passed it down, because that was all they knew and thought this was the way to discipline their children into submission. This is my analysis of a whipping.

Now that I have children of my own I did spank, but I soon learned what worked for my children was they had to experience for themselves. I can say don’t run you will fall and hurt yourself,  but until they fell and hurt their knee they would never realize the consequences of running.

I know there will be someone that don’t agree, but yelling at the top of your lungs does not change the thoughts of a child. Reason being, is they will stop for a moment and the next second they are back at what they were previously doing.

I know this is a touchy topic and some believe the biblical scripture “spare the rod, spoil the child”. I don’t  believe it means to abuse the child. All children are different, some are easier to train than others. As parents we do what works for us, but I say consider the outcome when it comes to whippings.  Selah!

I really would like to hear your thoughts on this issue.


4 thoughts on “SPARE THE ROD

  1. I think some parents reach the point of boiling over,. they are hot and heated over what the child has done. That’s where the abuse comes in. They are quick to anger and the result is that the child gets hurt. I am sorry you had those experiences. Some go overboard with the scripture. We see the result in various faiths. God did not mean for us to hurt children, people or animals..

  2. I do believe a child should be disciplined. I hold heartily agree with your definition of whipping, even though I have never experienced it. I believe in the popping of the hand or legs to help them realize whatever they are doing can harm them, example touching a hot iron. I do agree with you where whippings derived and most of us do emulate what we see or are taught. Great Post!!!!

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