In spite of some of the awful things that happens on this journey called life. I awake today grateful to be among the living.

I’m grateful to have the blood running warm through each of my veins and arteries.

Grateful for a pumping heart, eyes to see, ears to hear the birds chirp every morning. The use and activities of all my limbs.

Grateful to be in my right mind.

Grateful I had the ability to get up without the assistance of another individual this morning and every morning.

Grateful for dear friends, one that is retiring today.

Grateful that she is in good health and she and her husband both are free to travel. Their son just got moved up to the Tampa Bay Rays this was such awesome timing.

With all the tragedies in life it is still great to be alive.

Each day you awake is another chance and opportunity to be or do something great and positive.

Let go of the past hurt and reach forward to higher heights of a better life.

Embrace and enjoy every moment of life!


Right in Front of You

Often we ask a question and fail to realize that the answer is right in front of us and has been presented. The problem lies within us not wanting that particular answer.

This scenario was presented to me by a young man: His girlfriend gave him the ultimatum, he had thirty days to choose between his job or her. I said you already know the answer.  If you quit your job and choose her, then how will we survive. To me that one is a no brainer. He replied that he will pray on it. My response: okay you pray and ask God to change her heart and mind concerning this issue. What if God doesn’t change her heart? What then?

I do understand when you are in a relationship you have invested time, but don’t forget to remember there is always an answer it just may not be the one you hoped for. A lot of times somethings just aren’t meant to be and we as humans try to make things work regardless.

In counseling some of the young girls in this new generation they want their partners to be at home with them 24/7 and that puzzles me, because if he doesn’t work and you don’t work how will the bills get paid.

Just think about the prayers you prayed did you already receive an answer and it’s just not the one you wanted?

Don’t forget to remember, the answer is already presented it is up to you to choose.




You Have Grown!

I was speaking with a friend the other day and we were discussing change and growth. I often wondered why when you begin to move upward others seem to think you believe you are better than them.

This is the response she gave to me:

It is not that you think you are better than them. It is you all where in a circle, your circle has grown (mind) and they are still stuck. You have come out and have recognized that there is more to life.


I am thankful for the journey with the friends that I have and had, but as life revolves people come and go.

Life is about seasons and I have learned over the years that there are friends in your life for seasons. I believe when ones season is up another person will replace them, hoping they too as you will see beyond the inner circle.




Death is inevitable we all will experience. It is a part of life’s journey through culmination of events we all will make it to that final destination. We hear of death everyday, but when it hits close to home the reality of it sits in. You just don’t think about it.

A dear friend of mine passed away over the weekend. I’m double hurt because they called me two weeks ago and I had yet to return the call. I would always say: ” when I finish what I’m doing I’ll call” with so many distractions I never got a chance too.

He and his wife was and still is a great friend. They encouraged me, feed me when I was hungry, gave sound advise when needed, and most importantly they were there when I needed them and didn’t need them.

My message today, take time out to embrace life moments. Once gone you can never redo. Life is short and we know death is inevitable. No one knows his or her appointed time, but we know we will evenly reach that destination.

Let go of past hurts and issues with our loved ones, because I’m sure nothing that has already been done can  be changed. Enjoy every moment of life, family and friends one day we all will experience our final destination on earth.

I end with my advise for today and everyday: