On a sad note, this week a dear friend of mine passed away. I pondered the thought, did he die prematurely? He touched the lives of so many through his music, writings and ministry.

He was a true worship leader in every since of the word. I believe there was so much more for him and I don’t believe he received all that God had for him.

When you allow man to dictate your life you lose out on many opportunities. I believe in this life when you give of yourself you should reap a harvest on earth.

Bottomline: You can’t let people keep you in a box because they are in one. It’s called “control”. People that try to control others see the greatness in you and therefore they try to hinder you from moving forward in life. In their mind they don’t want you to achieve more than them.

My declaration is to stop allowing people to keep me boxed in. There has to come a time to get out of the box and proceed to fulfil your purpose in life not in the life of others.

Seize the moment each day to reach for more and not to stand stagnant in the wait of others. Selah!!!



Death is inevitable we all will experience. It is a part of life’s journey through culmination of events we all will make it to that final destination. We hear of death everyday, but when it hits close to home the reality of it sits in. You just don’t think about it.

A dear friend of mine passed away over the weekend. I’m double hurt because they called me two weeks ago and I had yet to return the call. I would always say: ” when I finish what I’m doing I’ll call” with so many distractions I never got a chance too.

He and his wife was and still is a great friend. They encouraged me, feed me when I was hungry, gave sound advise when needed, and most importantly they were there when I needed them and didn’t need them.

My message today, take time out to embrace life moments. Once gone you can never redo. Life is short and we know death is inevitable. No one knows his or her appointed time, but we know we will evenly reach that destination.

Let go of past hurts and issues with our loved ones, because I’m sure nothing that has already been done can  be changed. Enjoy every moment of life, family and friends one day we all will experience our final destination on earth.

I end with my advise for today and everyday: