Today I received an awesome gift from and awesome artist.

This started as a hobby, but has now turned into a full-time business. I am so excited for him.

The Gift:


guitar 11-20-13

This has made my day!!! If you are looking for something unique and you love guitars check out his website.


Faith Without Action

I deem myself a Christian, but I also question clichés Christian folks make.

Conversing with a lady and the scenario of her situation was she is being mistreated on her job of twenty-five years,having to take on responsibilities for her co-workers duties and expected to have all her projects completed on time as well.

She made the remark: “I’m not going to complain, because God is going to give me my reward in heaven.” I thought, what the ham and cheese (to put it nicely)!

You are telling me God has no desire for you to prosper or have rewards on earth? I truly disagree!

I understand being patient and doing what you have to do when on a job, but when is enough, enough. I don’t understand why we as Christian are taught to just wait and take whatever is thrown your way. My opinion that is not biblical. The bible clear reads: “faith without works (action) is dead”.

This is total lack of knowledge. In a lot of cases we as Christians do whatever the preacher says instead of reading the word for ourselves to know if he/she is misquoting the bible. The bible also clearly reads: “study to show thyself approved”.

I have been on the band wagon of ignorance before, but not anymore.

I have learned in the past year to stand up for myself, especially if I feel I am been mistreated. I defend myself decently and in order, you do not have to be irate to get your point across.

You can not just sit and wait for something to happen, the bible also reads:”God gives you the power (ability) to get wealth”. You can not just go to work and sit at home and expect anything to happen if you do not apply yourself.

Bottomline: I have never met a rich person that sat at home and did nothing and became wealthy. You have to put faith with action.

All this to say is there is a time and place for everything. As a Christian, I do not believe you have to be mistreated or abused and think that if God wants me out he will move on my behalf.

I do not believe it works that way.

I leave you with this thought:” If you are believing to win the lottery and you have not purchased a ticket, how do you expect to win?



What do you do as a fifty-four year old and have been working for a company for over twenty-five years and have no retirement benefits?

This question came up in a conversation and it’s one that will make you go hummmmm!!!

She is college educated and doesn’t even make $32K a year. Yes, she knows every area of the company and whenever she got promoted the money never changed. She has only had three raises in twenty-five years.

It’s very frustrating when someone else comes in and their beginning salary is higher than yours and you performed the same job.

So, whats a girl to do?

Does she take a leap of faith and pursue another job or stay?

On a positive note, if I didn’t know of others at or over the fifty mark that have ventured out to pursue other careers I would say stay. The truth of the matter, it depends where you want to go and what you want to do.

This I do know, you can’t think this is the end. There is always someone willing to hire for experience . I believe you have to stay positive and know that whatever is for you is for you.

We all have purpose.

Maybe it’s time to take the plung….become your own boss and start your own business.

Just a thought…Selah!!!


Presently in the valley of decision.

My family and I always plan our vacations a year in advance. I always keep a paper trail, meaning I will not ask anything without putting it in writing. The reason for that is people seem to get amnesia when you do a follow-up.

I requested vacation March 2012 and I received a returned email from my manager saying: “well that’s not a good date for me you need to change the date.”

It upset me to the point that I asked what do you mean not good day for you? I have three weeks of vacation and I thought vacation is to be taken when you wanted. She did not respond nor did she say yes or no.

So, I go on as usual paid my part for my trip. Then I had a thought I need to make sure these dates are approved. Sent an email today and she sends me what I call a nasty gram…LOL


So, I’m in the valley of decision mode quit or not quit.

I also need to inform you that I needed surgery last year and I was told I needed to pick another day because they were going to be on vacation. Mind you I have nothing to do with my managers job…LOL!!!

I reported it to HR, but I had already changed the date so there was nothing they could do. I made a promise to myself I will never alternate another day when needing to take time off.

If anyone is out there and read this blog please give me your input on this matter. It will be greatly appreciated.

QUIT OR STAY that is the question.


Get the Heck Out!

Sometimes when I write I’m usually speaking from experience or going through a little rough path in life.

So yesterday and today I started out complaining about a certain situation and I came across some notes in my journal.

complaining to me means you have a reference point for something better that you would prefer but you are unwilling to take the risk of creating.

Jack Canfield

The circumstances you complain about are situations you can change, but you have chosen not to.

If you find yourself in a situation you don’t like either work at it to make it better or get the heck out. Also don’t listen to the negative words that some may send your way for example: “Your too old”; There are no jobs available; and I love this one “you may not make what you’re making now”…LOL! you dang Skippy! I’m positive I’ll start out with more than what I’m making considering I haven’t received a raise and it’s been five years.

So today I have to take my own advice. I have been complaining about my present job for the past five years and I have decided to stop complaining and do something. I have my plan in motion and have set my deadline…………….I am getting the heck out!

A New Year comes with New Beginnings.


The Next Move

Through stages in life making changes for the better sometimes there is risk. You wonder if the career change will be better, especially if you are in a comfort zone.

I believe change is good. Talking with a friend today and I told her I’ve been on my job five years and no increase and that I have decided to move on.

Her reply: Why would you leave a job after that long to pursue something new? A job is a job and besides you are not young.


I believe if you are in a position and you have not been advanced or given a salary increase within five years it truly is time to pursue new opportunities.

I believe I am an infinite being and the age of my body has no bearing on what I do or who I am. I know that no matter my age or race what the creator has purposed for my life will manifest.

So, I am a firm believer that you are never to old to learn nor too old to make a career change.


Seize the Opportunity

Surfing the television stations today and I saw a commercial of a campaign ad concerning the unemployment rate.

This is my opinion and analysis on the matter. There are jobs available. I believe their where a lot of people who lost high paying salary jobs.

Since most companies never thought about rainy days, there budgets where high and some over spent. So when Wall Street (the heart of our financial institutes) shook the shift trickled down to the companies. Therefore, causing layoffs. Don’t get me wrong, some companies stayed above water and survived even in the hard times. There are even some companies that did not skip a beat from the downward spiral and are still prospering as I write (good management).

I am positive there are many jobs available, the issue is salaries the companies are now offering. My reason for saying that is I have seen many ads on a daily basis of job openings.

A friend of mine lost their eighty thousand a year job. They have been unemployed now for two years and unemployment benefits are about to be exhausted. There have been two job offers, both are under what they previously earned. And to my surprise they turned down both offers. Why? The response was they felt they would be settling and they knew they were worth more. That maybe true, but my thought was unemployment benefits does not match your earned salary. Therefore, the offer of fifty-two thousand a year still would be better than what you are receiving in benefits.

Bottomline: The market is filled with jobs. It is just the individual not wanting to settle for less and the company not wanting to offer what they previously offered. I leave you with my infallible quote: ” A few dollars are better than zero dollars”. Selah!